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Detroiters Flock Downtown for 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade

America's Thanksgiving Day Parade

America’s Thanksgiving Parade draws nearly 1 million people to Woodward Ave to enjoy a morning of family and safe holiday tradition, celebrating its 90th anniversary in Detroit, Michigan. Many people travel from all across the country to enjoy the floats, balloon and band displays traveling in the parade. This is the 92nd year of the Thanksgiving Day tradition in Detroit starting in 1924, but the first for the Martin Family.

Trae and Lakeisha Martin have been spending Thanksgiving with family since they were born. The usual tradition is family and football, but for as long as each of them can remember they have always wanted to attend Americas Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year giving birth to their second child, they wanted to make the parade a new family tradition for their little girls. Spending time with family and enjoying dinner is still something that they are going to do but now they will start the day by spending a couple of hours along Woodard Ave. There were also plenty of famous people in attendance during the parade, from actors and actress to athletes.


“It was an awesome experience for all of us, this was our first year going and the fact that it was their 90th anniversary made it even better. I will absolutely be coming back next year. My youngest will be a 1-year-old and I’m sure she will enjoy the floats and overall experience with her big sister” said Lakeisha Martin.

In 1924 America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade started on Mack making its way down Woodward to Congress St. Over the years many people gather on the streets to enjoy the huge floats, and paper-mache’ images that have been a part of the parade since day one. The founder, JL Hudson Department Store started the event after the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in NY, New York. The parade was a huge success this year and Sterling Heights High School’s band will forever love the 2016 year because of their winning battle of the bands title. America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is an event that is not only loved by the audience, but also by the people that get to participate as well.

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