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Michigan Museums Expect More Families for Upcoming Winter Season

Popular Detroit museums will draw in more families now that the snow is coming. Detroit is known for more than sports, there is a rich history in art and ancestry and is also known as “The Motor City” around the country. The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit Historical Museums, Michigan Science Center, and Hitsville USA are some of the popular museums in the city and they are looking forward to drawing in the family crowd now that the weather has changed.

The newly renovated Detroit Historical Museum puts Detroiters in awe with not only their exhibits that allows you to walk down the old streets of Detroit, but admission is free and parking is a nominal fee. Admission is also free for the DIA but there is a slight charge for the Michigan Science Center because of all of the hands of activities. The three of these museums are all in walking distance of each other sharing practically the same hours of operation.


Captured by Whitney Bryan

“I was trying to figure out what my son and I could do today because I didn’t want to be trapped in the house and it’s cold, so I started thinking about inexpensive indoor activities” says Stiger. “I quickly thought about my museum membership and how I have been meaning to check out the Sebastian S. Kresge room because a friend of mine used a picture of a statue in one of her case studies and I’ve been wanting to come and read the history and see more.”

With this being the first weekend of snowfall for the upcoming winter season, employees are starting to look forward to the crowds especially on the weekends. It’s something that is considered safe, affordable, and the visitors will leave with a lot of new information. Studies show that families that engage in safe activities together are less likely to be involved in crime.

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