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Downtown Plymouth Draws Huge Crowd for Plymouth Ice Fest 17

Residents from all over Michigan are expected to pack Kellogg Park for the 35th annual Plymouth Ice Festival on January 6th through 8th. The organizers of the event expect over 100,000 visitors this year due to weather being a lot better than previous years, and the increase in sponsorship. The Festival draws more than just a crowd to the park for the sculptures, it’s also great for the many small businesses that surround the area. The festival is throughout downtown causing people to stop in local business not only to grab a few seconds of heat, but also to shop. With people visiting from all over Michigan the local business become exposed and gain new revenue.

“This is awesome” says Avielle Kimble, “I have never been to anything like this before and honestly I didn’t know what to expect with it being so cold but I was fun and I am looking forward to maybe making this an annual tradition for me and my boo.”


Self Titled Sculpture: Plymouth Ice Festival 2017. Photo Credits: Whitney Bryan

An ice company delivers 400 separate 300 pound blocks of ice to create the fine sculptures that are on display each year. 35-40 ice sculptors as well as college students and people from outside of Michigan get together and carve sculptures that are inspired by business, sports, and life events. Not only are their sculptures but there are hands on activities and give-a-ways that everyone can enjoy, and the walking is also great exercise.

“This is something I look forward to bringing my children to when I have them. It seems that all of the kids out here are enjoying themselves, and as cold as it is outside you’d think they would complain but instead they are running around and having fun,” says Kimble.

The last day to enjoy the festival for the 2017 season is January 8 and the event closes at 6pm. Plymouth public safety is asking that everyone please follow the rules and clear the park out at closing so that the sculptures can be removed. If you don’t get a chance to make the festival some of the ice will still be on display throughout downtown. For more information on this event and others going on in the area, visit the city of Plymouth’s official website.

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