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North American International Auto Show 2017

The North American International Auto Show 2017 draws over 100,000 people on January 14, 2017 with some of the biggest revels yet. Detroit has been home of the auto show for over a century, being “the motor city” and each year the show gets bigger and better. Although states hold their own auto shows throughout the year, the NAIAS is number one with people not only traveling across the country to attend, but around the world. This year the bar was set high with many different concept cars being introduced only in Detroit. The biggest was the bat-mobile made entirely of Lego’s which instead of being reveled during press week, it made its debut on opening day.

KIA sets up many displays with fatheads from the movie Sing. Video taken by Whitney Bryan

Since the very first auto show in 1907, Detroit has been able to wow people all across the world. In 1987 the Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) decided that the show was capable of reaching a higher audience and the show went international. Since that year the show went international press from around the world have brought a different audience to the show. This year’s show automaker’s made sure to out due themselves with the revels and concept cars. Of all the one that stole the show was the bat-mobile made of Lego’s. The Cadillac Escala and the Lincoln Navigator concepts were also crowd pleasers.

Vernon Maxwell checks out the great feature of this all new SUV. Video taken by Whitney Bryan

The auto show is a safe event for people all around the world. Hotels downtown and in the surrounding metro area love this time of year due to all of the travelers. Alongside Uber and Lyft there are shuttles and bus service taking patrons to and from the event. For more information on event such as ticket prices, show times, rules and more visit

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