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Great Weather and Clear Sky’s lead Detroiters to Meridian Winter Blast

Meridian Winter Blast is back in the city of Detroit January 20-22 and many Metro-Detroiters are making their way to Campus-Martius Park to get in on all the fun. For the 12th time, the Winter Blast has brought many people in the city of Detroit and surrounding area’s together for a weekend of fun. The main attraction this year is the Meridian Winter Slide, this giant slide is not only 30 feet in the air but it offers two different options the 40 and 30-degree angle drops. Along with the slide Winter Blast has an ice rink for free skating, live music inside, games, and much more.

Meridian Winter Blast, formerly known as Motown Winter Blast, started in January 2005 as an official countdown for the Super Bowl. That year the turnout was amazing for the event, with hundreds of thousands of people Downtown, the sponsors decided to make it an annual event.


Smurfette and Clumsy making their way through Winter Blast putting smiles on everyones faces. Photo taken by: Whitney Bryan

“Detroit is beautiful, there’s so many people down here and I am very grateful to be able to bring my son down here so that he can get out and see things that we don’t get to see everyday. He is really enjoying this slide, and I want to take him over to the ice rink. I have never been so I am trying to get everything in today and then maybe we will go over to the auto show,” says Tonya Battle a first time visitor.

The North American International Auto Show is one of the sponsors of Winter Blast and is teaming up to make sure that the city of Detroit has a great weekend. Due to this being the last weekend for the auto show the NAIAS and Meridian Winter Blast is making it simple and people are able to get in Winter Blast for free with an NAIAS stamp on their hand.

The last day to enjoy this great event and the auto show is Sunday January 22nd at 9 p.m. For more information on the Meridian Winter Blast such as parking and admissions visit their website.

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