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Blight: A Never Ending Story for the City of Detroit

A Detroit Family is forced to look for residence outside of the city, due to the horrible blight issue in the community. After the riot in 1967, Detroit has struggled to come back and with the recession in the late 90s early 2000s, many families were forced into foreclosure and had to leave their homes. Many homes were taken over by the bank, some people squatted in until they couldn’t anymore, and many were broken into and thieves took everything they could scrap.


Dion Tate has been living in the same community his entire life. Watching people come and go and many houses become abandoned, Dion refers to his community as a “ghost-town”. “When I was little kid it was safe enough for us to walk around and we knew the people, our neighbors. It seemed like our parents trusted us out because they knew that we were always being watched by other adults that were out in the neighborhood. I would never send my child out in this neighborhood for nothing,” said Tate.


Blight is nothing new in Detroit, and since mayor Duggen took office in 2014, there have been area’s where homes have been demolished. “Downtown looks nice, Dan Gilbert and the Illitch family is making it look great down there. The lofts are an arm and a leg though. I would love to stay in the city but other than downtown most of the area’s look the same or are already occupied. We have been looking outside of Detroit now and as bad as I would hate to move out that way, I have to do what is best for my family,” said Tate.


Until the community come together and come up with a plan to rebuild, blight will continue to be an issue. The Smith family isn’t the only family looking to the suburbs for safer living, but many families want what’s best for the generations ahead and feel that cities in the suburbs are what’s best at this time.


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