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Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries: Striving in Community Service

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries was founded in 1909 by David C. Stucky inside of a room at a poultry store. In 1918 the ministry moved into a larger headquarters and started helping and feeding more and more families. By 1928 the organization had grown even more, moved to Jefferson and began feeding as many as 400 families a week. Every year the ministry grows from the number of volunteers to the number of people that receive assistance. Last year DRMM was able to change the lives of 13, 125 people through many different forms off assistance such as substance abuse and mental health treatment for men and women, to camping and afterschool programs for children.


Chart made based of information from Facebook post on official Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries page

“It is not easy asking for assistance, everybody want to be able to take care of themselves and their kids on their own with no help. One day after prayer I just called 211 for assistance and the lady on the other end of the line gave me a number to the Detroit Rescue Mission, and at first I didn’t think it would work so I didn’t call. A few days later I called and within a week I had assistance and my kids received back-packs and dental screenings,” said Qwendolyn Hughes.

Easter is approaching, which is a major holiday for DRMM, and this year they are preparing to feed 2,200 people. They will be providing a good, hot meal to men, women and entire families in need, and is asking for the community to contribute by donating as little as $1.95. This past winter was not as bad as ones prior too, but DRMM doors were still open for the homeless with warming centers and assistance with food. As the above chart shows, DRMM assisted over 13,000 people last year.

“Community service and servicing the community is two different things and I can honestly say that the rescue mission is truly about servicing the city of Detroit and its’ residents. I am always recommending Detroit Rescue Mission anytime that I can,” said Hughes.

Every year Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries grow, and this year they plan to assist more people in Detroit with the help of the community. Residents in the city of Detroit and the surrounding area’s question how far their donations will really go, with all of the stories and scandals from politicians; but the numbers don’t lie and DRMM isn’t afraid to share them. Even if you can’t donate monetarily, DRMM is asking that people download and print compassion cards to give to the homeless to point them in that right direction. “People helping people is what it’s all about, this is a team effort, it takes everyone and all donations help,” said Roxanne Dukes employee with DRMM.

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