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Detroit Suffers Huge Loss After Windstorm on Wednesday

On Wednesday March 8th more than 1 million residents across the state of Michigan was affected by a high windstorm, and as of Saturday March 11th there were still more than 300,000 metro-Detroiters without power. More than 4,000 power lines were pulled down or affected by fallen trees causing the huge outage to all of the utility customers. This being called the largest weather event by DTE Energy, crews from around the country drove in to assist with restoring power. Many people from Ohio, Kentucky, St. Louis and other cities have given up their time and safety to assist DTE and Consumers Energy to get power restored. The Detroit Free Press reported that people are advised to stay 20 feet away from any down lines or anything they come in contact with.

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LinkedIn social media post

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Trees that have fallen down on to power lines causing the electrical pole to be uprooted

Many residents have been without power causing them to lose money on food and finding somewhere warm and safe to stay. Many students have missed school since Wednesday afternoon, and adults missing work due to there being no power. “I was not affected by the storm, and none of my kids schools closed. It was after the storm when I started to have problems and I knew that we would have a hard time finding a room since people were talking about it the day before. My family and I ended up having to go to Ohio to find an open vacancy,” said Atiba Mumphield.

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Facebook post from local new channel 4

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DTE Energy Tweet

Residents from all over are posting on social media about their experience during this outing. Andre Foster shared an article on Facebook from about the power being restored late that evening, and he didn’t seem too happy about it. On Thursday Richard Pounchy posted on Google Plus about how 665,000 utility customers were still affected one day later from the 1 million number and that is just counting customer, not everyone affected. CBS Detroit (@CBSDetroit) also tweeted about the many warming centers open around the metro area for the people who are also without heat due to the issue. Two popular pastors Rev. Wendell Anthony and Rev. Horace Sheffield drove around the metro area on Saturday March 11th making sure that people, especially the elderly were safe in their home with no power or heat.


Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 5.52.34 PM

DTE has plans on having 90 percent of all it’s customers restored by Sunday evening. They are asking that for any assistance place download and visit the DTE app or call at 800-477-4747. Please report all suspicious down lines and do not go anywhere near them.

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