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Help Detroit and put your Faith in Action

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Picture of the sign outside of the main building for DRMM. Photo taken by: Whitney Bryan

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries is planning on feeding 2000 plus people this Easter holiday, but is asking for help from the community to make this all possible with the Faith in Action campaign. DRMM is challenging the community to put their faith in action by downloading a free kit and donating as little as $1.95 or more to help a person that is lost or broken to rebuild their lives. The Faith in Action kit will include social media post that will help spread the word, a cover photo for Facebook and Twitter, a church flyer, and email messages for family and friends.

“We get volunteers through our user-friendly website, There they can learn about our volunteer projects and complete the volunteer registration form. The more individuals and groups that understand and appreciate the difference we make in the community, the more volunteers and donors we get,” says C. Paschal Eze director of spiritual life and public relations for DRMM.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministry is one of the biggest non-profits in the city of Detroit, founded in 1909 the mission began as a soup kitchen that provided church services, shelter, food and clothing for the homeless and downtrodden. With over a hundred years of service to the city of Detroit, DRMM has been able to expand and continues to help more and more people each year. The Faith in Action campaign was started as something to get the community more involved with helping one another. Join the Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries and put your faith into action by donating and download your free kit today.

2 thoughts on “Help Detroit and put your Faith in Action

  1. Good job …getting the word out!

    Prayers on your behalf going to the throne room of God from Texas today… I pray many people are fed both food and love. I pray the workers actually be the very hands and feet of Jesus as the poor be his face and together, may God make a New Creation – the Body of Christ – in that difficult place.

    Agent X
    Fat Beggars School of Prophets
    Lubbock, Texas (USA)

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