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Enjoying the Coke Side of Life

Coca-Cola have been enjoyed by many Americans since 1886, but have you been really enjoying the coke side of life? Many people do not realize that their favorite caffeinated soda can be used for so much more than just quenching thirst. Coca-Cola began in 1886 when Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John S. Pemberton created a flavored syrup. He then took the syrup to his neighborhood pharmacy where it was mixed with carbonated water and since then has been named one of the best of the best in soda. People have been enjoying the refreshing sweet taste of Coke, but they are also enjoying the drink for much more.

Today coke is not only enjoyed as America’s favorite soda but also to remove grease or blood stains from fabric and other household items, but it’s also used to relieve terrible congestion. Qwendolyn Hughes, a Detroit native have been using the product remove gum from her hair. “Growing up we never really drunk pop, so I didn’t really have a favorite between Coke or Pepsi. Coke became a favorite of mine when I was in school and a boy dropped gum in my hair. My first reaction was to try to get the gum out and doing so only made it worse. I cried to my teacher and she told me not to panic. She called my mom and came from out back with a can of pop. I didn’t understand why she would be smiling with a can of pop, that wasn’t going to help me and I don’t drink pop. She took me into the teacher’s room to the sink, poured the pop in a big bowl and made me turn upside down in it, after a few minutes the gum started coming out,” says Qwendolyn Hughes.

To remove gum from your hair simply dip the affected area into small bowl of Coke for a few minutes. After letting the hair sit in the drink the gum should wipe right off the hair. Since Coke is a sugary soft drink and is mixed with so many chemicals, it is suggested that the hair be washed afterwards to avoid any other issues. There are 51 other common uses for Coco-Cola, for more information visit

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