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Extra! Extra! Read all about why Whitney B. is your favorite Detroit reporter.

At a very young age I loved sports and journalism. I didn’t know that as an adult the two would come together. My dream was to be an Olympic gold medalist that writes books about growing up in the hood. The first time I felt like a star was my 8th grade track meet at Levey Middle School, once I was done running the 4×2 relay as the anchor the high-school coaches started checking me out and talking about summer conditioning. I went on to run track at Southfield HS and Wayne Memorial HS winning several medals in shot-put, 4×4 relays, 4×2 relays, 4×4 relays, 400 and 200-meter relay, and the hurdles.

My first actual shot at being a reporter came in 11th grade at WMHS where I became sports reporter. Since I was so new to the school I knew that sports writing would be easiest to pick up. The summer before senior year my teacher signed me up for a competitive journalism program at Michigan State University. Spending my summer in college at 16 was absolutely no fun, but I learned a lot and even started writing for the school’s yearbook after that.

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Mass Communications/Public Relations, and currently I am in a grad school program for New Media Journalism. My original passion was to be a sports journalist because I thought it would be easiest for me. Since writing and becoming more familiar with journalism, I realized that my passion in writing is really to help the people in the community. I lost my mother to cancer and there were other issues that she dealt with that many others do, and because a lot of information isn’t available, people are unaware of where to get help. This is my passion because I love to help people, it’s actually been something that my mom and I always shared. is your update on the community and what’s going on. How to get involved with volunteering for different programs and how to also make your voice be heard in the city of Detroit. I hope that not only inform you the reader, but also encourage you to volunteer and also donate to the non-profits outreach programs.

Follow Whitney B on twitter @mywhitneyb, and Instagram @whitney_b_ for updates and more. Also stay tuned, My Whitney B the book coming soon.

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