Brand Bio

From foster care and almost dying twice, to being ridiculed for being poor and being dark-skinned, Whitney Tinsley, affectionately known as Whitney B., knows firsthand what it’s like to be insecure. As a child, she spent most of her time alone and only found solace when she learned that writing was a safe outlet for her to express her authentic feelings. As the only girl in the middle of two brothers, and being raised by her grandmother, she often felt like she didn’t have anyone to talk to or confide in—except the pen.

At the age of 25, Whitney struggled to raise her four-year-old daughter, Madison, with little resources and next to no help. It was in that time period that she realized that there had to be more to her life than living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. Determined to change her life for herself and for her daughter, Whitney B. dared to dream bigger and developed her five-year plan. That strategic plan included going back to school, graduating, and starting a new career by the time she was 30 years old. A double minority, especially in the sports world, Whitney is intentional about serving as a role model for other African American women who wish to have fruitful careers in all major sports leagues. Ultimately, she wants to be like Pam Oliver and report on the sidelines for the NFL. 

Whitney earned her bachelor’s degree in Communications/Public Relations in 2016 and also went on to earn—not one—but two master’s degrees. One of her master’s is in New Media Journalism, which she earned in 2017. The other is in Entertainment Business/Sports Management, which she earned in 2019. At 30, as planned, Whitney started her career as a digital content producer for a mid-Michigan news station. In her debut book, Life Support: Success Against All Odds, Whitney takes readers on a candid journey of hope and healing in the midst of grieving and growing into the fullness of all she is called to be in the earth. A world changer, generational curse breaker and cycle disruptor, she empowers readers of all ages to know that life happens to us all—but you don’t have to let your hopes and dreams die in the process.


MYWHITNEYB.COM was created in August of 2016. It started off as a portfolio of work throughout Whitney’s time in grad school. She knew from the start that it would be so much more. The website was originally created to be a voice for Detroit, to bring stories and information that is not highlighted on the traditional local news outlets, but once her career took a stand still during the pandemic, Sports Talk with Whitney B was born.

In 2021 Whitney decided to rebrand herself and start doing what she really loves. In March 2021, she started a sports podcast. The podcast was created for women who love sports and gossip. For years Whitney has loved sports, and now she’s taking her love and sharing it with the world. There aren’t a lot of women in sports journalism now, and typically women aren’t sports fans. Whitney’s goal is to bring her love for sports and news together, while converting more women into being sports fans.

Whitney’s goal for this website is to serve as an outlet for women. One day she would love to partner with other women and work with them to create a major sports brand for women. Whitney would like to create a safe space for women in general where we can relate to each other.