PROFESSIONAL BIO: Foster care, almost dying twice, being ridiculed for being poor, and being dark-skinned caused a lot of insecurities for Whitney. At a young age, she spent most of her time alone and ultimately that is when she learned that writing was how she expressed herself. Being the only girl in the middle of two boys, and being raised by her grandmother, often times she felt like she had no one to talk to so writing became her outlet.

At the age of 25, she struggled to raise her 4-year-old daughter with very little resources and next to no help. She knew that there was more to her life than living in poverty and struggling to make ends meet. Whitney came up with what she called her 5-year plan, which included getting back in school, graduating, and starting a new career by 30.

Whitney earned her bachelors in Communications/Public Relations in 2016. She also earned two master degrees. One in New Media Journalism, which she earned in 2017, and the other in Entertainment Business/Sports Management, which she earned in 2019. At 30, Whitney started her first career job as a content producer for a local news station.

ABOUT THE WEBSITE: MYWHITNEYB.COM was created in August of 2016. It started off as a portfolio of work throughout her time in grad school, but she knew from the start that it would be so much more. The website was created to be a voice for Detroit, to bring stories and information that is not highlighted on the traditional local news outlets. 

After working in news, Whitney decided to rebrand herself and start doing what she really loves. In March 2021, Sports Talk with Whitney B was birthed. This podcast was created for women who love sports and gossip. For years Whitney has loved sports, and now she’s taking her love and sharing it with the world. There isn’t a lot of women in sports journalism at the moment, and typically women aren’t sports fans. Whitney’s goal is to bring her love for sports and news together, while converting more women into being sports fans. 



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