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Saving Our Streets

Dale A. a homeless man that has been living on the streets of Detroit for going on 4 years now, due to dysfunction in his family

The city of Detroit has a growing number of people living on the streets or in need, and many different community service organizations have pitched in and are offering services to people in need. In 2015 there were more than 69,000 people in the State of Michigan reported homeless during homeless week November 12th-20th. Due to a growing number of donations and community outreach that number has gone down, and the city of Detroit hopes to keep it down.

“I can remember my first time seeing someone homeless and asking my mom questions about what was going on with the man. At first I thought it was a game almost, I didn’t understand that the person was homeless, and I never thought that it would be me. I can remember wondering why people were so cruel to the guy, he just sat outside the local store not bothering anyone, but now I wonder when kids look at me if they are thinking the same things,” says Megan Zuwinski.

This winter have not been easy on the people living on the streets of Detroit, there have been many churches that have opened their doors as emergency warming centers for people living on the streets and with no heat. Because there are so many people and so little resources, many of the homeless find shelter an abandon homes or buildings with hopes that blankets will keep them warm.

“I have been to warming centers and shelters but it is hard to go with Meagan, usually they want to separate us because we are not married. Many times we try to make enough money so that we can afford to get a room for the night at a cheap motel, if not we find an abandon house and make the best of the situation. Many times I have wanted to go to different places for help, but with no ID or way to verify who I really am to the people, it is hard for me to get the correct help that I need.” says Dale A.

Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, COTS, and many other organizations have teamed up with the Detroit Homeless Coalition to help keep the homeless safe and warm. To find out how to donate or volunteer to any of the organization in partner with the National Homeless Coalition, you can visit them at there will be a list of all organizations affiliated along with how to contact them.